1. Heal/dmg stance problem(macro)

    Got 2 donor weps(same name)
    I want to use heal/dps stance switches with shield and healing mace, and then back to two axes.
    Problem is, both of my axes are the same name, meaning that the game does not read it properly, so i can't equip them both.

    best i could do is do it with 2 clicks, thats bad cause then i basically hit once with just 1 hand.

  2. Use equipment manager, save 2 sets and then "drag" those sets down into your bars.
    If you want to macro them you can google it (idk if I should link blizz) or use
    /equipset Name of Set
    To equip it, if you wanna switch use
    /equipset [worn:Fishing Poles] Normal;Fishing

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