1. S8/T10 shoulders availability via 2v2 rating

    Hello, AFAIK some time ago S8/T10 shoulders were availabile via 2v2 rating.
    But now I got 1850 2v2 team and can't buy 264 T10 shoulders, the vendor's tooltip says It's only for 3v3 or SoloQ.
    I tried to click and buy them, but message still says that I don't have the required rank.
    Could anyone please clarify this situation? Is it a bug or possibility to buy shoulders via 2v2 was removed intentionally?
    Is there any anformation about it?

  2. Removed. And I'm so angry about it as a prot warrior. I wish I could get even 251 version of the set with like 1600-1700 2v2 rating don't mind if it takes arena point's alike other parts. Already created topic in suggestions but nobody really cares.
    And this is not even funny:
    Edited: October 23, 2019

  3. What a shame, I am a prot warr too.
    It's ridicilous how they force particular classes to buy gear from store (I mean for prot warrs and palas T10 shoulders are mandatory, while rest of the classes can wear A7 easily).
    Buy the way, I created an ingame ticket, and game master Toxicpink just sent me to the bugtracker. I doubt that it will help.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply.

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