1. Gold Squish


    just wanted to know if there will be a gold squish at the start of 2020?

  2. Last year it was a solid "no" until people started panicking and prices skyrocketed so they did squish it.
    This year, you've started preparing for the squish early I see. If the prices go up you can pretty much be sure it's happening.

  3. Its 100% guaranteed prices will go up. 2 reasons for that:
    1. Squish has been multiple years in a row, so it is logical to assume it's a pattern.
    2. Last year there was no announcement, and 1.5 months after ny they squished it with short notice. So now people will not believe a single word from staff about squish - assume squish will happen on a whim.

  4. There should be a gold squish. It keeps things interesting. It forces people to actually think economically, and those that don't, lose in the end. Survival of the fittest :D

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