1. For the 100th time: retri vs arms

    Hey guys, I know this topic was in forum several times, but maybe somebody can show me some new points :)
    I want to play pve and pvp. I gotta decide for 1 char, cause don't have time for more. Since Im playing on warmane for a long time and Shadowmourne is not a problem (coins), I want to make 1 char: retribution paladin or warrior.
    As for paladin: im interested in pvp and pve just retribution
    As for warrior:pvp arms and pve fury

    I want to Play:
    1. pve (raids, maybe not full full 25hc icc, but still a lot)
    2. Pvp battlegrounds a lot
    3. Pvp world
    4. Pvp arenas - a little bit

    Tell me what would you Pick, as i mention, forget all healer/tank specs. Cheers :)

  2. Its the same.
    Arms+holy p
    Retri+ disco p

    They are both in the top arenas always. Also top in bgs with hunters.

    Retri is easier to play at higher level than Warrior. Less keybinds, no stance dancing, good oh sh.t spells.

    Warrior is more fun for me, due to charge.

  3. if you want top dps in pve = fun for me most of the times || you go fury war
    and for pvp arms war is more fun than ret

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