1. Loot bugged - VoA 25

    I was in VoA 25, adn we kill Toravon the Ice Watcher, the leader of the group "Thesavage" /roll 2 objects and then say that the loot get bugged, the drop left to roll was a Dark Coven Gloves and some wrist, he give the leader to "Homebetea" and the leave.

    Im still inside the dungeon trying to loot, the corpe of toravon still dont levea, if some admin can come and help me loot the items.


  2. they don't/cant help with loot bugs.

  3. Always loot the items to inventory and do the rolls from there, on every raid.
    Also, if the master looter is dead when boss died, ress him ASAP! Sometimes by the time the ML is ressurected people already left the raid and the loot get bugged.

    When ML is dead on my druid, and rebirth cd not used, I just use it on ML right before boss dies to prevent isssues.
    Edited: November 1, 2019

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