1. Help to find the mount Time-Lost Proto-Drake

    Hello, I am in Icecrown in the faction of the horde, I am looking nonstop for this mount in stormy peaks, I have already read thousands of forums and videos but I do not know when it appears exactly because each one says a different thing, what they are routes and respawn points. If someone could give me information (but people who have it), I would appreciate it, I am up to date at least 4 hours or more looking for it, my intention is to make a group (I do not know if you can strip the saddle while being in a group or take it away one only) to race it for several places, and although it takes only one at least the rest already knows more or less the time to wait for him or vyragosa to respawn. I write here because I have been searching for it for 4 days and I have not seen him or Vyragosa even once, and it seems very strange because I have already done 400,000 laps. If someone is encouraged and also wants me to add me, my name is Kakkaroto and I whisper and so we look for it together the more we are I guess it will be easier. Greetings

  2. There is a reason for them to pick the name Time-Lost

  3. get _NPCScan addon

    they have varying respawn timers of 8-24 hours or something (I'm probably off) so flying around all the time won't help you much

  4. The spawn timer its over 40 hours for Time-lost proto drake, and it's also random.

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