1. Can log in anywhere else but here

    I can literally log on Blackrock/Lordaeron but not on Icecrown. This has been going on for HOURS and all of my friends are inside Icecrown.

    What the ****?

  2. are you in a que? what does it say when you log in? a couple things can happen while you're playing.

    1. the zone might be down/bugged
    2. server recognizes your last connection for some reason.
    3. you are in a que because you didn't donate the minimum to pass the que.
    4. too many login attempts(?)
    5. you are using a modified client of your own from another server.
    6. You are using the WoD model client from the warmane website (which causes issues in certain areas)

  3. I'm stuck on Connected and it's only happening on Icecrown. None of the above worked for me, although I appreciate the effort.

  4. I am getting this same problem however its not constant i can get on most of the time but now and then like right now it won't connect

  5. if you input your password incorrectly and relog, the game sometimes locks you in at "connected" and freezes indefinitely until you restart your client. I wish I could solve this for you, but if you're using any VPNs, or clients NOT from the warmane website, I suggest getting those directly.

  6. Same problem for me. Fixed deleting the Cache folder

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