1. Is this server dead?

    I've tried playing on this server today and managed to get my character up to level 11 (Goblin Warlock). Upon reaching the Lost Isles, there are no more quests at all. And absolutely no way off the island. There were zero responses in global chat, which leads me to believe that this server is dead. Should I wait for it to revive, or do I look elsewhere and just say screw the MoP server?

  2. It is very dead yes. All the big guilds and top players such as myself have gone to other private servers, or retail. I still log on here and there to see it still very inactive with no more than 20 players on alliance, with only 5 of them being max level and nobody talking in global. Horde literally just has 5-6 players on when I check so. Yeah, they have forsaken this realm. Is very heartbreaking. There is another mop server around you can try out that is quite promising. I can't say the server by name on here but I'm sure you can do your research and figure it out.

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