1. Can't sell anything on trade?

    I have a BIS mage, almost BIS hunter some good pala, all with professions etc... I usually put only hc weapon and trinkets, sometimes maybe wf head and thats it...and can't sell anything.

    Want to play with a warlock and Im not playing for a months cuz I can't sell anything, or trade cuz trade is against the rules.

    What about making market place with such an opportunity? I guess many chars are just sitting there cuz people are bored or don't want to play with them anymore.

    I would gladly trade them for example for warrior, feral and warlock if that would be possible here. But its not :/

  2. I agree with this so much. I'm sitting here wanting to play arena and I have a mage a rogue I could trade away for a priest with pvp gear, but I can't. It's really frustrating. The market is oversaturated not enough buyers. It's something a lot of people have been asking for, for a very long time.

  3. This would enable and push people to trade characters, instead of donating for buying them new from trade. Anything which does not increase donations, or in this case, could possibly reduce them, will never get into consideration from the staff.

  4. To be attractive on the market u have to meet at least two of these requirements:
    - A lot of BoE items (ilvl 264)
    - A lot of gold
    - A lot of Honor/Arena
    - A lot of rare mounts
    - 4000 or more achievements
    - Be human
    - Unique badass nick, less letters the better

    This is a must have:
    - Only items ilvl 270 or higher
    - Minimum two professions @ 430+
    - 280%/310% mount
    - Dual spec
    Edited: November 20, 2019

  5. People usually wont buy BiS chars b/c not many have that many coins. I mean if you can my BiS "insert char here" for the priced listed ill buy yours.

    That is if someone has like 600 coins just laying around

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