1. Enhancement hybrid weapon imbues and trinket

    So I've decided to off spec my enhancement shammy to hybrid. I use a mix of mainly regular pvp enhance gear with spell power offset and lk25 hc spell power mace. Now I'm curious to figure out what the best trinket besides medaillon would be in duels, since that's the only thing I do. I feel like Skeleton key is too much of a cheese trinket in duels, but I don't know what else would work best. I'm currently running about 18% haste + haste totem, 0 arp. Soon I'll run a bit more haste though. Also I'm using wf/fb, but I'm not sure if that's the way to go. I also don't know if it's worth it to still use arp, that's why the 0% atm.

    So in short: what would you recommend for weapon imbues, secondary trinket and arp %?

    If you want to look me up on armory to get an idea if my current gear, I'm called Knigward on Icecrown.
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  2. Can't find any shami with that name on the armory.
    There is no point in using WF on a fast caster mace. When you use SP gear it makes WF even less valueable.
    I'd use FT/FT or FT/FB when you need that extra slow.
    Since you'll deal mostly magic dmg with that gear setup there is absolutely no point in getting ArP whatsoever.

    As second trinket I'd use http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=54588 or http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=50355 or http://wotlk.cavernoftime.com/item=47188
    I don't know which of these 3 trinkets performs the best in duels.
    I'd use the flameshock relict and put 5 talentpoints in imp healing wave. Like that you should have enough haste to be able to hard cast healing wave in crucial situations.

  3. Excuse me, I miss spelled it. Edited version is up! Thanks for your response. What's your chars name?

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