1. WOTLK 3.3.5.a ADDONS Library (Non-ElvUI)

    Here are all the addons that I've hunted down / the ones I like. ElvUI Isn't really my thing, so for anyone that wants them have at it.

    *Disclaimer* NONE of these addons were made OR modified by me,
    (Except VeryMobileFrames). All rights go to the creators / owners.
    [*Backup YOUR folder FIRST!* you've been warned]

    *Full Instructions in Post #2*
    -Addons- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w8R...ew?usp=sharing
    -WTF settings folder- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mIl...ew?usp=sharing

    [Virus Total Results] https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/5...35d2/detection

    -Inside AddonsLibrary335a.zip\Interface\ are 3 things that might help.
    1 - WoW cache clear .bat file. (for when something crashes or the game it's self gets slow. *Warning this deletes the
    Whole Cache folder AND any file with the .bak extention in the folder you run this from AND all sub folders*(place next to WoW.exe)
    2- 4gbpatcher. so the game could *potentially use more than 4gb of ram (I've never seen a difference :P)
    3 - AutoLogin.vbs (Script) for when typing your user name and password .. gets annoying... It's on a 10s delay from double click, (Meant for SSD)
    Edited: February 11, 2021 Reason: v1.2 (Updated Files and links to reflect folder structure.)

  2. WTF instructions .. I know right?

    # Instructions, WTF and Interface folder.#

    TL-DR (too long - didn't read) version first.

    *Download Both files. Extract them, copy *Interface* to the WoW install folder. (Backup and DELETE your old one.)
    -Addons- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w8R...ew?usp=sharing
    *Extract the folder "Interface*
    -WTF settings folder- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mIl...ew?usp=sharing
    *Extract the folder WTF, rename sub-folders to match your Account and Character name.* (These Settings do NOT include keybindings OR Macros, JUST the Addon settings and window placements. This is why copying over your folder after renaming this one, you can keep yours.)

    *-Detailed-* instructions.
    (1. Read the above section.

    (1a. Extract the provided -WTF settings folder...

    (1b. Use this program. *This program is Clean, and presents no threat to your system* https://www.7-zip.org/a/7z1900-x64.exe . This will allow you to open the Files provided in the Main Post above.

    (1c. Take the folder (right click the WTF.zip, Extract to "WTF" or drag the WTF folder.) *if you need more detailed instructions, Message me about this*

    (1d. Now, *RENAME*two folders you on your desktop to match your WoW folder it will look like this...

    (1e. RENAME those folders "-YourAccountName- AND -CharacterName- " to the name of your account and character you want these settings for. (you will need to copy and rename the -CharacterName- folder for ever character you want this for.

    (1f. Take the now "WTF" folder and COPY then paste this to = *Where you have your World of Warcraft 'Warmane' folder (yes, if there is already a folder there, you will need to accept the "overwrite" if any files already exist.)

    (1g. Sip some Coffee, *Load your game like normal* You are done. Any questions *Again* Message
    ALIESS (Horde)
    ALYESS (Alliance)
    in game or here on the forum.

    Best wishes,
    collected [email protected] or
    @Dickincorp#0089 Discord (message me for information, or if you would like credit posted for your work)
    Edited: 4 Weeks Ago Reason: Instructions v1.2 (Clearer descriptions, pic and updated WTF.zip link.)

  3. NOW WITH HD!! 1920x1080 WoD models / textures!
    Drag and drop Version 10-2021 v1 collected by @Dickincorp#0089 Discord

    I made a forum post for anyone you think might like it :)

    collected [email protected] or
    @Dickincorp#0089 Discord (message them for information)
    Edited: 4 Weeks Ago

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