1. Horde Multiboxer AIDING alliance in winning WG

    There is a horde multiboxer by the name of Ltyranta who has 25-40 accounts (all above 4k GS,plenty enough to assist in WG). But instead, he goes AFK. He is purposely fueling and helping alliance win by filling up horde WG slots and giving alliance Tenacity. Understand I am NOT complaining about Multiboxing, but Ltyranta is PURPOSLY aiding alliance to win. Several of us have noticed this across different WG. Warmane you really need to look into this, I understand Multiboxing is a part of the game, but deliber·ately aiding and helping alliance farm horde by afking should not be allowed. Horde has zero chance to win with Ally multiboxer (Divisona) on AND getting x3-x5 Tenacity because a horde one ques JUST TO AFK and say things "I [email protected]#$% HATE HORDE" etc, it's pretty obvious he's doing it on purpose and I wouldn't be surprised Divisiona is in on it too.

  2. First off, I doubt Divisiona and Ltyranta are friends. I've met him personally, and he's very picky about his friends, for good reason. Although he's very off putting, he's a really great person, and this is completely out of his character, unless someone or something triggered the event, where he just GAVE UP, which is likely to happen due to the overwhelming feeling of having to model yourself as 30-40 characters, while being barraded with insults.

    Did he do this on purpose? maybe to spite the HUNDREDS of players who ruined his experience, trying to HELP THEM, in a previous battle. Consider it Karma.

    More proof as to why he wouldn't do this without good reason, is because he has killed me several times before, and when we were both in a wintergrasp battle, we faced each other FAIRLY so that neither team would feel gimped. Unfortunately, he lost that battle in the end, but he and I fought to the death when we approached each other. He won the battles, but we won the war.

    I can't say if what he did was justified, but he definitely wouldn't bend the knee to the opposite faction, friend or not. His motto is "if it's red, it's dead" and he takes that motto seriously, because he kills me everytime, until he finds the name of my main, but even THEN, he doesn't apologize, just allows me to hand in quests. Other than that? I'm just another RED.

    I respect this person because of how real he is, without his filter, and I believe if he did do something out of the ordinary, he would NOT waste HIS OWN TIME to make a point. It would not make sense to him, and what doesn't make sense to him, is just another RED to him.

    Thank you for reading.
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  3. First off, you're Tunnel-visioning on "Divisiona". I said "I wouldn't be surprised IF he was in on it." However, whether division is or isn't, is not my concern. The concern is with LTYRANTA, he is a horde multiboxer that literally goes afk and does nothing although he is geared and then uses his bots to say /1(General chat) with messages "I HATE HORDE" x40 and other similar messages. He takes up 40 slots each time and when horde is defending WG he does nothing, but give alliance Tenacity to aid them in winning. "Tenacity helps counter Multixboxers like (Divisiona)". Well it sure DOESN'T counter anything when you NEVER have it due to a multiboxer PURPOSLY sabotaging horde and making it pretty obvious he's doing so.

    Did he do this on purpose? maybe to spite the HUNDREDS of players who ruined his experience"

    Fact- Multiboxers RUIN the experience of "HUNDREDS" of players on the opposing faction, especially when the opposing faction (Horde) in this case HAS A 40 player MBOX JUST AFKING ON PURPOSE to help alliance win. Again, my concern is with Ltyranta purposely sabatoging horde, so you can stop tunneling of "Divisiona" because the cringe-lord himself was mentioned only ONCE in my previous post.

    Thank you for reading.

  4. Report said player with proof that he is ruining games on purpose and proper actions will be taken against him.

  5. Report said player with proof that he is ruining games on purpose and proper actions will be taken against him.
    That settles it @[email protected]

    Someone is going to get a long talk about this when he comes back <_<

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