1. Do us a favor GMs

    For those who still play on Outland, i would like to see higher rates for reputations professions and honors. Profs at least 3x+, reputations 5x and honors 3x+ as well. Doing reputations on server where global is mostly dead on 1x is not pleasant, same for professions where auction house do not offer materials needed for completing certain ranks of profs and honors where bgs are mostly miracle with almost no alliance. Probably even more players would play if its not so grindy on 5x server in last stage of tbc. Putting it here because i saw some of these topics are being read by gms/moderators.

  2. 5x exp is perfectly fine. The final zones NORMALLY give dramatically less exp, because they're smaller and the zone needs to fill the time.

    I agree with the reputation changes, along with the honor and professions.

    Most of your complains rely on the population to fill. Without people, the auction house will be empty. If you ever played lordaeron, you would have noticed that even with 7k peak and 2k low, it's harshly limited in comparison to ice crown. In most cases, you have to ask for certain items to be made.

    In my opinion, people left this server because WOTLK offers this content already, and the nostalgia of doing this content has already passed. I'm assuming this is why we don't have a vanilla server yet, and most likely never will (only by opinion) because once the content is over, people will just go back to the initial and most favorite (in my opinion) expansion of them all.

    Let's hope that their new plans are to modify this server to bring it something special that not even ice crown has to offer.

  3. you know is hard get honor and get pvp items from honor so is boring play many battle grounds without AV marks too i want more honor rates too ;) .

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