1. To the new player

    May be you have seen some old tread talking about new years event on warmane

    let me tell you one thing: don't expect too much thing from those event or you'l be disapointed :)

  2. Only ones disappointed last year were the ones expecting 400+ EOFs from 2016 but that's just a bad idea and it's probably not going to happen again.
    Last year Santa boss was pretty fun, at least it was a new challenge. I've done a few invasions, not much tactic to them but the PVP part was fun.

  3. I didn't even know warmane held an event. I'm just happy to be looking forward to one. :D

  4. if they give 100 EoF All chars something it would be nice.

  5. I want my chars 6k gs and gems and encahnts and also gold and also honor and arena points and and shadowmourne.

  6. and also nice mount and dual talent

  7. I mean I'd say the last 2 events spoiled the server with more emblems of frost than they could handle

  8. awesome event like expected :)

    at least 3 hours of farming stupid quest to get a picnic basket :)

  9. awesome event like expected :)

    at least 3 hours of farming stupid quest to get a picnic basket :)
    Don't forget a Hallows End broom that disappears when you log out.

  10. Quite generous if you are lucky one tho

  11. I just like going to the eof event because it's fun seeing all those people run around like crazy, good event to be a rogue in, if I get some eof, fine, but I'll get everything they can buy eventually just doing raids. If I have nothing left to buy on my rogue, all that will happen is I'll get bored and make another character. Point is , do the event for fun, if you try to farm it just so you can gear up super fast, you are just asking to get stressed out. 12k people is a lot of people, be lucky if you get a group that can farm unopposed.

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