1. High Latency

    I'm playing from Canada.

    Is there anyone else on Icecrown, that is playing from North America. Whom is also experiencing, extremely high latency issues as of recently?

    av 500+ with spikes between 2-6 k. Not playable.

    **Normal Lag** for myself is 100-200+


  2. I'm having same problem. Usually has been around 240 MS. All of a sudden my MS jumps up to 20k MS and FPS drops to 3 FPS instead of the typical 110 FPS.

    Just started doing this about a week ago. Very frustrating!!

  3. thought this was only me but i'm also in north america and having insane lag spikes going past 10k randomly

  4. i have latency 42ms, but delay from 200 do 600+ms which is really annoying, idk if they plan to do anything about that soon, it's been a month now

  5. Las Vegas here...super high latency as well.

  6. Not sure if it's just me but now I'm getting stuck at Authenticating.

  7. EU player here,and I have been experiencing 300-800 lag spike for a couple days...

  8. U're not alone, hello from belarus. High latency also here.
    Using vpn (through germany) atm to reduce it at least to 150-200 ms.
    But this is still not an option. No idea what to do.

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