1. How to make gold with blacksmith/jewelcrafting

    I got this question for a long time now, ruby cardinals for example go for 300 g, and the fractured ruby is 295g.
    How am i supossed to make gold on this realm?
    Is there a way to farm mobs for safe and stable income? Some lowlevel dungeons maybe ?
    Please let me know!

  2. Reason for that is gold squish, everyone is stocking up on uncut gems, elements, etc and the value is inflated. But still, I'm sure you can sell cut gems for even 400g now, this is the best time to make gold actually as everyone is trying to get rid of their gold to "not get squished".

  3. You can get uncut gems for Honor/Emblems, you can buy in bulk where they're sometimes cheaper.
    There's ways, AH is ok, but it's not the cheapest place if you don't have starting money.
    Blacksmithing only requires mining and you can make just about anything because you'll mine ores and eternals, nothing else is required.
    Going BS/JC on your one and only character is... well, not the best idea if you don't have money on the side or an alt with mining.

  4. Idk, i think it is pretty smart, gathering takes so much time that you can actually make way more gold by simply buying reagents. And you can do that in 5mins instead of 5 hrs farming. All you need is a few k to start it, you can get that ina few days from 0, doing quests and looting passively.

  5. As a jewelcrafter myself, I don't buy cardinal rubies from the auction house or from any players as, even if there is profit from it, it would still be too small. I mainly get my cardinal rubies from Emblems/Honor, the latter being my preferred option. Depending on your luck you might win tons of bgs straight, tons of bgs wons means tons of honor gained, and the weekly quest in WG is also a good way to get honor and therefore gems and therefore money.

  6. Lets say, to get one red gem you play 1 hr BG's. You cut it and sell for 350g. That's it, you can't really make more than that.

    Buying uncut gems, cutting them and selling makes you some 30g on each. Posting them works for you 24/7, with minor risk of losing deposit, which is considerable for gems, however I cant recall a single time in years where I posted gem for so long where I paid in deposits more than profit. It is 100% worth it to buy, cut and sell gems, scenario where you lose gold is impossible unless you start to undercut or doing something stupid like that. It scales quite well, meaning you can go even in hundreds of gems at once. And after you sepend those 5mins making this happen you can join BGs and get that "free" red gem, cut it and sell for 350g.

    With Blacksmith you make Belt buckles, weapon chains and shield platings. You make enchanting rods. Make 180+ ilvl stuff that's costs reasonable to make, check what kind of boe's you can get in world for each slot, I mean, don't start to make Plate Healer belts or pants, because you can get 264ilvl stuff for under 100g in those slots.

    So here we go, this is how you make gold, since question was about that. Just remember, to make 100k you gotta earn 1g 100'000 times.
    Edited: December 1, 2019

  7. ... OR you can actually kill mobs and sell the loot.

    Not every profession and not every craft in a profession is reliably profitable.

  8. Forget professions -the markets are saturated, do daily quests, I was daily logging and doing 3 quests, cooking, fishing and jewelcrafting and the gold was slowly rolling in, if you did 25 dailies a day you'd make a fortune.
    Edited: December 23, 2019

  9. Noone mentioned squish this year, yet

  10. Noone mentioned squish this year, yet
    The prices are so ****ed up right now. Think they should just pop it now, and give clear answer if they are going to do it in the future again. Otherwise the whole community will again start stacking on items over gold during the last 4 months of the year, causing this same inflation to happen every year.

    I prolly shouldn't complain, the gold squish that took away less than 5k from me last year, I made over 10x the profit. Squish works in mysterious ways.

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