1. Hello Everyone!

    Greetings Warmane community,

    I am a big fan of WoW and have been considering to give Warmane a shot. I was wondering if someone could give me a short summary of how the server works( in terms of questing, raiding and how the community behaves towards new players). Aside from that, would you recommend me to join a specific guild.

    Thank you and hope to see some of you all in game!

  2. Starting it off with MoP - don't play it, it's a dead realm. Next to TBC - don't play it, dead realm. That leaves us with WotLK realms.

    As you could've read, Icecrown is 7 experience with normal content as it was before. That basically means you're gonna rush ASAP to 80 and start raiding shortly after. HC content is cleared easily.

    Lordaeron is 1 experience the way it was on retail, with it's content difficulty boosted. That means ICC bosses have tweaked HP and damage and the Strength of Wrynn and Hellscream's Warsong are removed, effectively making the content more difficult. Reaching LK is somewhat challenging, killing it on HC is very very difficult.

    Blackrock. Blackrock is full PvP, no dungeons, no raids. Nothing but PvP. You get free rele gear and you're off. Some custom things like solo que are there, which matches you with other random players in 2v2 or 3v3.

    From what I've heard here on the forums, playbase is more toxic and negative on Icecrown.
    As for quests on both realms, I'd say 95% of all quests work.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply. I'll answer as soon as I see it.
    Enjoy the game!
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  3. Hi there buddy & welcome!

    What is your primary focus?
    - Leveling & overall game experience
    - PvP
    - Strictly end-game content progression?

    Lordaeron x1
    - All rates x1 across the board.
    - Content is buffed across the board, thus making things a little more challenging.
    - No item shop.
    - Community is quite friendly, as everyone has to face same obstacles. Everyone always says "Hi" in every RDF.

    Icecrown x7
    - x7 exp / x3 profs / x2 reputation if I recall correctly.
    - p2w - full item shop for $$$.
    - People don't really talk much imho. You can run RDF all day long without seeing anyone say "Hi", unlike on Lordaeron.
    - Everyone is running in BIS gear w/ Shadowmourne as you can buy it for coins ($150)
    I played on Icecrown for 4 years, until I moved to Lordaeron August 2018. Never going back to IC.

    - PvP realm.
    - You get Relentless gear (ilvl251) and PvE (up to ilvl245) for free as "Starter" gear.

    - Arena's & BG's are all cross realm, meaning all 3 realms PvP against each other.
    - "Mercenary Mode" - allows to be either faction on BG to speed up queues. You can be Human, but will look like Blood Elf for the sale of getting faster queues.
    - As I stated earlier, I do find Lordaeron to be a whole lot friendlier than Icecrown.
    - "Character Trade" is an option available on all realms - people can Sell their heroes via the website.
    - On Icecrown, it is all about end game. No one cares for levleing, as it is x7. People rushing to 80 to start raiding.
    - Icecrown also has "Free" item shop upto ilvl239 that you can get with "Points" that are aka "vote points" but you simply "collect" them via website every 24 hours. You must have 1,000 unique achievement points on your account or something. So you can't just start collecting them from day 1.
    - Icecrown always has long queue at EU peak times. To avoid the queue, you need to donate & become premium user. Limit is 12,000 per realm+ donors.
    - Lordaeron has peak of 7-9k at EU times. US evenings are about 3k.
    - Lordaeron players, per my experience, generally are "better" players who know their class better, as they take longer to progress and thus learn better.
    - Lordaeron is where you do RDFs all the time while leveling. Tanks & Healers get practically instant queues 24/7.

    "Average player" on Icecrown kills Lich King weekly.
    "Average player" on Lordaeron kills 6-8/12 bosses in ICC weekly.
    Top tier guilds clear ICC HC weekly. So that's the same for both.
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