1. Hey there!

    Hello folks, I'm Edre, a returning player to world of warcraft. I am playing the game since 2006, played almost with every expansion except this one and now i would love to experience it! The only problem is that i don't know which way i should go:
    - I am a holy priest main and as a priest...leveling sucks, it's slow in the early, etc... Should i just level the priest up first and try to make gold/get gear/do raids and then level alts OR
    - should i level up a character which can level really fast, take skinning/mining for gold making and just buy the heirlooms once i reach level 80 and after then the priest so the leveling proccess would go much faster?
    This would be my first character on the realm too, so i'm not really sure...
    Tips would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

  2. Suck it up and level up the priest. There's a high demand for priests (both DPS and Healer) in raids. Level as shadow, it gets easy when you hit 40 or 50, not sure.

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