1. Shadow Priest Hacker in WG?

    Ok I might be wrong because I am not a priest to know but I just entered a WG match and suddenly iwas killed in 3 seconds and I was like...…..whats going on I was full hp ,so I decided to check my log and seems like a priest casted me shadow word death and im like full relentless with 3 wrathfull parts and a paladin so is normal? so I decided to ask here so this is only a query a question if im wrong I will apologize and delete this thread,so here are the screenshots


    So is he questionable strong enough to do that
    Or is he glitching
    Or hacking
    Or bugging

    I hope I get an answer because if I can kill anyone with 2 consecutive power word death im def rolling priest *pd that spell have cd?*
    Edited: December 1, 2019

  2. I only see one SWD in that screenshot.

  3. Y Mb but remember is just a query im not incriminating anyone im just asking if is that possible because is still 1 spell to kill, like a click to kill so im only querying to ask is this is possible im not saying he is a hacker *and yes a kinda clickbaited title I apologize for that* *plus in that moment the next to die died suddenly too the other they did died normally but that can be a just a coincidence*
    Edited: December 1, 2019

  4. Honestly I don't understand what you mean. According to that combat log excerpt, you had 895 HP left, that priest used SWD on you, and you died. What am I missing?

  5. Wrong I was Full HP and I was just entering the BG the screenshot 3 and 4 are a proof I never engage battle just saw the priest and died nobody attacked me I dint had any enemy dot

  6. There's no "damage hacks," you took damage which isn't show in the screenshots and what are we supposed to say?
    Record a video with something better or well... git gud

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