1. Warmane has been hacked about 3weeks ago

    First of all I saw the topic that it was talking about that warmane got hacked and players got spam email by hacker is warmane got the control on thier hands be aware change your email to fake email so if you hacked only your acc and fake email get hacked not your main email and other staff be ''aware''

  2. I've seen a .csv file around but none of my emails or passwords is in it, so I don't know what to make of it.

  3. This terrible warmane should fix that or its gonna be the second time for them to get thier site hacked/down

  4. I believe this is referring to the spam emails 3 weeks ago, in which case nothing was compromised and someone just took advantage of a method to cause our systems to send 2FA emails. That method was patched.

  5. Good thing that its patched thx repost :)

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