So, as most people can see, Frostwolf is dead. I've been checking it out lately, and the only people around are random lowbies questing and a few questionably sane people who refuse to turn the lights off. I even managed to see Loque Nahak for the first time ever... So, that realm is pretty much done.

Now, my story is, I've been here for a while. I've been here in old wotlk with 5 end-game characters that had pretty much every possible achievement and gear. I've been here when MOP was added, and when it was actually very popular and arguably even more active than wotlk. And I've been here when all our accounts were stolen by that one employer Hades or Hermes, whatever his name was, who got butthurt and left. It was painful to lose years of effort and playtime, but at least we were given something back. And that something I chose to place in MOP because it was too painful to go back to wotlk after everything I lost there. what?
Again I am stuck on a dead realm with more than a few end-gear champions and nothing to do. And yes, I've started leveling in Icecrown as well, but it's just so painful to start over with nothing, every step of the road reminding you of what you once had...

So, basically, my question is, when will mods accept that MOP is dead and offer us some chance to at least transfer with some compensation, like instant 80+starting gear? The thing is, there are still some old players who DO want to play, but just the thought of starting over from 0 is enough to discourage those who put so much into this game just to lose it over and over.