We are an EU, English speaking, PVE guild on horde side in Outland server.

We have cleared all tier 4, tier 5 and done 5/5 Hyjal, 9/9 Black Temple and are 2/6 in SWP, with Felmyst not far away.

Our raid times are as follows: Monday 6pm-10pm, Wednesday 6pm-10pm & Sunday 6pm-10pm.

We are looking for mostly DPS and Healers, although all skilled and dedicated players will be considered.

What we expect from all members:

- Can raid at least 2 nights per week.

-Have great knowledge of their class and roll in a raid.

-Are fully gemmed and enchanted to make their toon the best it can be.

-Come to raids prepared with all the necessary consumables for progressing in SWP.

-Have at least full tier 5 gear.

-Put effort into learning tactics prior to encounter to ensure the best chance of success.

-Good team players.

-Have discord & can understand English.

What you can expect from us
-Raiding with good players, many of whom have many years of experience of high end raiding.

-Fair looting system.

-Access to guild bank to buy consumables for raiding.

-Chance to see the full content of TBC.

-Access to raiding end content with your main and earlier content with any of your alts.

-Lots of active players who are online most of time.

If you would more information or would like to join, all you have to do is /w one of our officers ingame for a chat about joining and we can take it from there.