1. Hacker

    Someone is obviously doing something criminal and you guys need to handle it ASAP. If it's not just me reporting this within the last 24 hours. This issue should be top priority. I got a message that someone was trying to access my account. Their IP address is The name associated with the IP address is Starnet. sh. p. k. and their location is in Tirana, Albania.
    Edited: December 4, 2019

  2. Same here, IP Adress is

  3. Somebody try to log into my Account, IP:

  4. same here,
    From IPs - : Mogilev, Belarus : Nepal : Athens, Greece

    On 2 of my accounts (so far :D).
    In one of the times it was like 5 minutes after a password change.
    Edited: December 4, 2019

  5. It's nothing to be concerned about, especially if you have 2FA enabled.

    These access from a new location emails are triggered only via knowing (or trying) your username ingame. (without knowing your password).

    We are aware of the "attempted brute force", we have systems in place to prevent such things.
    We also now include IPs in ingame 2fa auth emails and logs, instead of

  6. (without knowing your password).
    You're 100% certain of this?

  7. You're 100% certain of this?

    Yes its a client limitation. password verification is done AFTER 2fa verification.

  8. Happy to hear its just a bruteforce of usernames alone. wish the 2FA was sent after a successful password to limit these but at least its a peace of mind knowing there is staff such as yourself here calming the fires. judging by the IPs listed already, there is no use listing them as they probably are using a VPN/proxy but just in case.. - Shanghai, China.

    Thanks again Edifice for your reply, it is appreciated greatly.

  9. another try at my Account from Indonesia IP:

  10. Same for me.... IP address
    Account Attempt from: Norway


  11. Unauthorized access request to my account from IP

  12. Someone is trying to access my account as well.

    Originally Posted by Edifice
    These access from a new location emails are triggered only via knowing (or trying) your username ingame. (without knowing your password).
    Weird thing , everything started after I posted 2 screenshots with my user name when I wasn't Premium and it had a queue of X players.
    Both Discord I posted this: ONE belongs to Guild SHADES and the other it's a PUG Discord mostly KOBHAIN guild.

    First incident:
    Second Incident:

    Don't go crazy over the location as they might be using VPN
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  13. same with me some ****ty person from hongkong was trying to acsses my accaunt IP is

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