1. Forum Holiday Event: Co-op Multiplayer

    Welcome to the Forum Event The co-op Multiplayer !

    In this contest, users must show their creativity by creating a story with screenshots (containing texts in ballons) or a video, with a funny or dramatic story related to WoW. This is a revamp of the old Storyteller event. For this year, we will be giving specific themes about overcoming difficulties. Two friends of any race and gender standing in a complicated situation will help each other to escape their predicament. These are situations:

    • The friends find themselves on top of a mountain starving to death. They see a big animal, but the creature is too strong to be fought alone. They conquer the enemy and have the food they needed to survive.
    • The friends are stranded on a deserted island. When they first arrived their clothes and appearance were top-notch, but upon the passing days, they learn to survive in poverty with their looks severely changed through the months.
    • The friends are captured and put to work as slaves in the quarry. They plan an escape during the night and flee through the sewers. They find themselves at the open fields and raise their arms to the sky yelling freedom!

    Event Rules:

    • Choose either drawing, screenshots or video.
    • Characters of any race, any faction and any expansion will do.
    • Do not use an alt to participate twice. If caught, you will be automatically disqualified and lose any title you earned.

    Event Rewards:
    All entries must be posted here, one post per User. Staff will vote the entries. The best version of each of the themes given above, will reward both partners.

    • Forum Reward: Forum Title "The Co-operator"
    • In-game Reward: 10 in-game coins

  2. It is 10 coins + title for both members of group or only for the leader?
    And we must do all 3 stories or only choose 1?
    Edited: December 24, 2019

  3. Three pairs will be selected.
    Only pick one. Each player gets 10 Coins.
    There is no problem if all contestants pick the the same theme. They are just the required situations. Your choice.

  4. how many screenshots maximum? and can we use a vignette with only text like "2 HOURS LATER"? or only wow screenshots

  5. Make it anyway you prefer. If the quality is good we will vote on it. :)

  6. and where we post the screenshots? if there are 20 screenshots for example, we put them all here? or we just put a link to a gallery
    we got 11 screenshots and increasing xD we expect like 10 more
    Edited: December 25, 2019

  7. man my friends are waaay to lazy to do this haha. i got 1 of them to cooperate a bit but havent even started taking screenshots yet. gonna be rough reaching the deadline..

  8. Hello there,

    Here our entry from Baayax and Orchidee (Icecrown):

    Baayax and Orchidee

    Hopefully it can be enlarged a bit.


  9. Ho ho ho, merry xmas everyone! Here is our gift :)

    by Alg & Mocosete (both from Icecrown)
    Edited: December 27, 2019 Reason: change name of link

  10. algy i really liked your story, had a lot of fun reading it! good luck on the event!

  11. ty vm, i appreciate it a lot :)

  12. can i draw in paper or it needs to be digital?

  13. well, first of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

    second: it took me a while, but i FINALLY found a friend that cooperated into doing this event! thanks malckqt!

    i want to tell you all that we had a lot of fun doing this achiev, and that it tested our creativity in ways we didnt expect. here is our story, i hope you like it:

    STRANDED: by Razgris and Malckqt
    Spoiler: Show

    Edited: January 1, 2020

  14. so what i need to do for this event?

  15. Hello guys! We made a short video for this event. We are IRL friends and play wow together since 2007.
    Hope u will like it. Reziztant and Crutiuss.


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