1. Forum Holiday Event: Legendary Weaponsmith

    Welcome to 2019's Winter Holiday Forum Event: Legendary Weaponsmith!

    This event relies on our member's creativity in designing their own Legendary Weapon with
    visuals, theme, special powers and story behind the weapon's existence.

    Event Rules:
    • The artwork must be original. Copying artwork from the game won't do well. To be fair with everyone who aren't artists, they may use art from other games, but that isn't as much valuable as original artworks.

    • Weapon names must be World of Warcraft-like, meaning that Doom's Doomray of Doom isn't a fitting name for this event. The NPC who used to wield it, should be original as well, may even be one of the player's characters name.

    • Create a story for the weapon. No Legendary Weapon is Legendary without a good story behind it. Tell who wield it first, when, for what and where it has been lost, according to the legends. These are examples to help you get started.

    • Special Powers. Pick a theme fitting the class(es) and specialization(s) the weapon would be for. You can explain some divergences with the story, but a weapon for a Rogue that throws fireballs would be hard to justify, for example. Also, make sure to create a realistic item. It's meant to be powerful, but also something that could be in the game without destroying balance. Absurdly powerful items will just be disqualified and not considered (ex. a weapon that sunders entire worlds).

    Event Rewards:
    The best designs, elected by the Staff will win the following rewards:
    • Forum Reward: Forum Title "Legendary Weaponsmith"
    • In-game Reward: one specific transmogrification of choice + item (except Legendaries).

  2. Forum Holiday Event: Legendary Weaponsmith


    Q: But I suck at drawing!
    A: You don't have to be good at everything involved in the competition. If you try to draw something, or be creative in another fashion, you'll be fine. You can make up for it by excelling in the other parts of the event. A wall of text won't win you the competition either. Focus on quality best you can in the areas you are good at.

    Q: What limitations are there for what we come up with?
    A: There aren't really any. Be creative!

    Q: Are multiple submissions allowed?
    A: Yes, but only one can win per person. No, submitting more weapon concepts does not increase your chances of winning.

    Q: Can I edit my submission?
    A: Yes, of course. Just make sure that you're done before the deadline.

    Q: Where do I put my submission?
    A: Post it as a response to this thread.

    Q: When will the winners be announced?
    A: Some time after the deadline, after we've had sufficient time to decide on the winners.

    Q: What if I win and I play on TBC where there isn't transmog?
    A: You may still have a non-legendary item of your choice.

    Q: When is the deadline?
    A: TBA

    Looking forward to some amazing work this year!

  3. Can I participate again, since I won this event last year?

  4. Yes, if you win you can have a + on the title as an upgrade. By the way, I'm going to remove your avatar :P

  5. what has been seen, cannot be unseen xD

  6. Original artwork by me.


    Unique Effect:
    Elemental Weakness - Target takes 5 - 10% more damage from Physical, Holy, Fire, Frost, Arcane, Nature, or Shadow damage.
    I was inspired by the Convention of Elements ring in Diablo 3 which rotates which elemental damage is buffed emitting from your character. The goal would be to allow DPS to have more options with maximizing their damage potential. Fire mages could use frost spells if 10% debuff for frost hits the target for example. Frost DKs could perhaps return as tanks rather than it being blood only.

    Available for:
    Warriors, Paladins, Death Knights.

    Drops from:
    Emlyn, a world boss crystal golem that spawns in Un'goro Crater.

    Emlyn was a member of the explorers league and was one of the first explorers to stumble upon Un'goro Crater. As she studied the southern part of Un'goro, she came across a toppled crystal pylon. As she approach the pylon, she noticed a faint pulsating murmur of light emanating from the center of the crystal. Emlyn stared deep into the crystal and removed her glove as she inched closer to it. She placed her hand gently on the crystal and recoiled quickly as her finger felt a very sharp pain. She looked down at her hand and noticed a tiny crystal splinter embedded deep in her index finger. Every few minutes, the fresh wound would grown into an intense pain, then fade to a dull ache. Emlyn tried without luck to remove the splinter, and noted her location, moving on to explore more of the gigantic crater. As the days followed, she could swear that the splinter was growing in size, and the pain kept growing for about half a minute, then returning to a minor annoyance.

    Over time, the splinter kept growing and melding with Emlyn's body. Soon her whole hand was no longer usable, being completely turned to crystal. Emlyn felt cursed, and returned to the pylon located in southern Un'goro. She removed the goblin satchel charges she had kept in her pack, and placed them next to the toppled crystal. This went against everything she stood for as a longstanding member of the explorers league, who strive to explore and preserve. However, she did not want to confine anyone else in Azeroth to her cursed fate, and slowly lit the fuse and retreated. A large explosion signaled the destruction of the pylon. As the crystal cracked, a large beam of energy shot straight into the sky. To Emlyn's dismay, this appeared to cause the crystalline growth on her arm to spread more rapidly, and soon her whole left arm was a hanging weight of crystal.

    Emlyn decided to live out her life in un'goro, hoping to keep her affliction to herself and not chance spreading it to others. After many years, her whole body was consumed by a glowing blue crystal. She required no food and no water. Her thoughts were fleeting as her mind was slowly destroyed and she gained the appearance of a hulking crystal golem.

  7. Yes, if you win you can have a + on the title as an upgrade. By the way, I'm going to remove your avatar :P
    What the plus will be ? Bonus name to the title? Ughhh, why removing my avatar ;((( Its like putting censore to art museum for nudity ;((((

  8. Should you wish it would be Legendary Weaponsmith+

    Meaning you won more than once, and separate you from the other Legendary Weaponsmiths

  9. Ah anyway... I gave up upon it... No time to do it properly... But still what with my avatar :(

  10. Neurotoxic Dagger of Andres


    Binds when picked up
    One-hand Dagger
    208 - 342 Damage Speed 1.80
    (152.8 damage per second)
    Durability 125 / 125
    Item level 219
    Requires Level 70
    Chance on hit: Each strike has a 10% chance of poisoning the enemy which instantly inflicts 460 to 595 Nature damage.
    Equip: Increases attack power by 58.
    Equip: Your attacks ignore 206 of your opponent's armor.
    Classes: Warrior, Rogue
    Drops From:Andres, invisible boss hiding under the Karazhan
    Drop Chance: %3

    Andres was a leader of the Pirates Guild until he was betrayed. One night, Andres was asleep on his ship to Booty Bay and felt a blow to the head. That night the crew rebelled and left Andres alone on an island. In the morning Andres opened his eyes and noticed that he was on an island. He realized he was wounded and began to explore the island for help. Andres had seen the island for the first time and had never found anyone. Then he heard a storm-like sound coming from the center of the island. He went to the center of the island and saw a giant vortex. He passed out due to blood loss and fell into the vortex.

    When he woke up after a while, he saw his wounds healed and had a giant snake in his face. The giant snake was actually the Old God Polat. The old God Polat asked Andres how he got here, and if he lied, he would curse him in a way he had never seen before in Azeroth. Andres explained everything to the Old God Polat and asked him to help him avenge him. The old God Polat asked Andres to give his soul in exchange for help. Andres accepted it and gave his soul to him. The old God Polat put Andres's soul in a dagger and combined it with his own poison, neurotoxide.

    Andres finally escaped from the island and began killing everyone on his crew one by one with his dagger. And as he killed, he realized that there was nothing left of his soul, and made a grave under Karazhan and stabbed himself. Later, when Karazhan got out of his tenon, his body and dagger were revived under Karazhan.
    Edited: December 26, 2019

  11. We will likely be closing this event thread on the 3rd of January, along with most of the other events. Make sure your submissions are in by then. Do not aim for a "last second" entry. If you miss it, we will not reopen the event for you.

  12. currently working on a project of my own. will upload when ready. thanks for letting us know the deadline mercy!

    also, im looking for legendary weaponsmith+ too! wish me luck haha

  13. ok, this is NOT the project i was working on, but when i tought of it i just HAD to do it (and i will, stay up for updates!)

    K.U.N.G Fusion
    Binds when picked up
    Two-Hand Staff
    380 - 675 Speed 2.10
    (251 damage per second)
    +190 Stamina
    +215 Intelect
    +142 Spirit

    Red Socket
    Red Socket
    Red Socket
    Socket Bonus +12 Spell Power

    Classes: Mage, Warlock, Priest
    Requires level 80

    Equip: Increases spell power by 901.
    Equip: Improves haste rating by 190.
    Equip: after landing 6 critical strikes with spells, grants 666 haste for 10 seconds. (40 sec cooldown)

    Warning: definetly NOT nature friendly. Might cause hair loss.


    Among all the inventions High Tinker Mekkatorque has produced, this one is both the most reckless and the most daring. using unknown materials only known to the high tinker himself, he has managed to produce energy out of thin air! a SEMI controled miniature nuclear reactor placed on a convenient and handy staff! definetly the work of a genious! the Kinetic Unidimensional Neodinium Generator (or K.U.N.G) for short uses Fusion to generate incredible ammounts of energy that can be harvested only by the most brilliant minds!

    how this amazing piece of work ended up on a junkyard is a complete mystery! definetly a work of some ill intended thief, not smart enough to understand its value... or maybe disposed off by the high tinker himself...

    it should also be noted, the work is not yet complete. and the reactor might overcharge for a few seconds if exposed to intense treatment, but should be fine after some cooldown.

    The High Tinker is now working on its better, improved version: the K.U.N.G Fision!

    the top half is the core. the middle part is what high tinker described as a "DEstabilization matrix" and of course, the bottom is the energy store. when "overcharged" the energy store would shine red (as if super hot) and emit flame/lightning particles.
    the efect on the weapon CAN charge while on cooldown (meanning it DOES count the crits done while on cd). however, it will not proc until the cd is gone AND you score a new crit. also, you better let the reactor COOL DOWN a little!

    i am by no means an artist (im really terrible at drawing, specially if done in a hurry like this project) so use your imagination a bit...
    Edited: December 29, 2019

  14. Original artwork by me.

    Eloeloooo dis is my masterpeice!!! Murlocks and butts!! Hope you guys like it :D

    Pls dont ban me. THis is ART!

  15. really funny weapon, warr117
    i dont really think you gonna win, but at least you made my day :D

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