1. Show some respect to the original art of Illidan please.

    Orig image:

    Hello there,
    Where did you see disrespect?
    There is no need for drama.

    P.P:Happy new year :)

    Edit:Here is the original picture:
    https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2c/48...3930484054.jpg Only becouse someone has edited the picture that you are showing and has put his name on it doesnt mean that he is the original autor
    Edited: January 1, 2020

  2. I dont say that this is the original author. Actually havent seen theres a tag on it. Its just about saying that the art is not actually yours. Its not drama. Just trying to keep stuff clean ^^ Nice weapons btw!

  3. Swan's Song

    A finely dressed night-elf minstrel sits in the corner of an unremarkable tavern, the Hippogriff’s nest. Frost-stung windows and dust covered tapestries entrap crestfallen patrons. Gathered around the elf are a group of children, tattered and frostbitten from the blizzard outside, trying to warm themselves from the hot coals in the nearby hearth. Her gentle complexion, soprano voice, and strumming of her cello strengthened her audience’s resolve: This winter will end, and they will see spring’s warmth!

    The elf let her fingers and voice rest for a minute. The winds outside the Hippogriff’s nest stopped, and an uncanny silence took its place.

    This was the worst winter that the hamlet of Nyl’Shara had endured in 43 years. Having had many mild winters in the past years, the general store was short-stocked on heavy jackets, causing those who were too late to prepare for the winter with hypothermia. However, the cold alone wasn't what led to Nyl’Shara’s demise.

    An iron-clad fighter kicks down the door, letting in the bitter cold winter wind. The piercingly red glow in his eyes struck fear into all of the locals. Drawing out his sword, he starts striking down each patron in the tavern with cold and calculated efficiency, making no exceptions for the women and children huddled around the minstrel.

    The minstrel calmly starts strumming her lute again,
    (The Songbird’s Legacy)
    “Gentle swan, keep me safe under your wing,
    Shroud me from the horrors that tonight brings.
    Your song heralds the annihilation
    *Coughs* (Mortally wounded) … of this terrible abomination.”

    The local militia responded days later after hearing no word from Nyl’Shara. Inquisitors saw that each resident had been killed, except for one, who had gone missing: A widowed night-elf, who lost his wife at the wrathgate. This elf’s name was Elbris Blackstorm. For the next month, the local militia sent out search parties for Elbris. These parties either returned without any information, or were found dead. The local militia reached out to Auberdine sentinels, and later the Storm Barrow druids protecting Teldrassil for aid. When they arrived, they were unable to find Elbris Blackstorm – only what presumably was his blade, as well as tattered writing etched onto a cave entrance. No other bones or remains were found, just a pile of ash near the blade.

    Elbris Blackstorm’s cryptic message read as follows,
    “Behold, the paradigm of power.
    Its powers bring indiscriminate destruction.
    And I shall start with mine own self.”

    The blade is shaped like the neck of a swan. Its shaft is hollow and has holes located at the bottom of the rondel, as well as periodically throughout the sword. When the sword is swung, a beautiful flute-like sound is produced, modified by the holes covered near the handle, and hollow pommel. The hand-guard is shaped like a swan’s wings and provides some amount of protection from strikes to the hand.


    The Swan's Song
    Binds When Picked Up
    One-Hand, Sword; Speed 2.60
    481-895 Damage (264.5 damage per second)
    +92 Strength
    +92 Agility
    +92 Stamina
    [ ] Red Socket
    [ ] Red Socket
    Socket Bonus: +10 to All stats
    Durability: 120/120
    Requires Level 80
    Item Level 284.
    Equip: Increases attack power by 122
    Equip: Increases Critical Strike Chance by 64
    Use: Increases your strength, agility, and stamina by 30% for 30 seconds. Then, it decreases all stats by 50% for 10 seconds. (3 minute cooldown.)
    "With it's powers I bring indiscriminate destruction; And I shall start with myself.
    Edited: January 4, 2020 Reason: Fixed Picture link

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