1. k my .. logic:

    mail: not l (number), not b (letter), the third is a mark - answer to all, confused, on top? Well, a faq or rules

    name, pt1: JohnWick. First page - event announce; whats he doing among santa and grinch? The you-know-who part is typical for too many people (edgy etc), we have bosses with his name. ('-.-) but jw was quite odd there..
    pt2: Last page - where we are atm; you have a repetition of "is" in the instruction line!
    pt3: guessed the Neltha or Medivh sub-forum, ofc opened them by id.. not a chance :(

    pass is ez, it was in search by index as well :d

  2. This was very fun, congratulations to the winners. One thing that caught me off was the e-mail being a website instead of the actual e-mail, I spent about 30 minutes reading about the website and thinking I missed something in the way. When looking for the "place that is no more" I actually ended up in the regional forum for Czechoslovakia since both countries separated as early as 93; funny how the mind works. I hope to see more of these events in the future, even without a reward.
    I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year.

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