1. Forum Holiday Event: The Detective

    Welcome to the Forum Event: The Detective !

    The Detective event is about helping me to retrieve my original account. It was hacked by my nemesis. I know I should send an email to [email protected] but he stole my email, my username and my password, hiding all three in the forums. Preposterous! If you are willing to lend a hand, here are the hints the hacker left for me:

    The email is hidden in one of the three, not l, not b. Some tips are always on the top. The answer for everything will show you the way. If you are confused, you already found it.

    The username was shred into three pieces, hidden in specific locations.
    The first part is in the first page, properly hidden.
    The middle part can be in the first or the last page and is hidden is in the least viewed.
    The last part is in the last page that speaks about a place that is no more.

    The password is a tricky one to find. There is a secret 12th class forum board, hidden from the eyes. To reach it, you need its number . It was spelled to the public in E3 1995 by a Sony executive. Once you find the secret forum, try to create a topic.

    Event Rules:

    • Send the info as Private Message to Palutena.
    • This is a single winner event, meaning that you should work alone if you wish to win.

    Event Rewards:

    The one who help me to retrieve the account will earn the following prizes:

    • Forum Reward: Forum Title "The Detective"
    • In-game Reward: 10 in-game coins

  2. Just passing by to tell you, bunch of wannabe detectives, that this heist is my toughest evil plan ever. I am being very transparent about it, so keep it in mind. I thought it would be a good idea to highlight this detail.

  3. i dont think so, but its hard as ****, i think i got the email and the password, but cant find the username

  4. y password for sure e mail maybe but no user name lol
    and let me ask the noobest question... how do i contact you ingame if i find answers... /tell palutena aint working...
    "The middle part can be in the first or the last page and is hidden is in the least viewed."
    My english so bad or should be "and it is hidden in the least..." or is this a clue lol
    Edited: December 23, 2019

  5. the problem is that i dont know what to search and where should i start searching, its says first page, but where? D: maybe i saw it and didnt notice, im lost

  6. im in the same situation as you , im lost
    Dont know where to start or where to looking for haha

  7. No, it is not over. Also, I know some people are cheating their way to find the answers, but I will only accept a winner with all the correct answers, explained.

    "oh I used search, didn't know I couldn't cheat".
    This is gold.

    It is just a matter of reading the hints with no rush.

  8. i read the hints like 50+ times and sent you what i found, but i think there are not correct :(

  9. you are confused, you already found it.
    im not confused, but i have a serious headache from trying to solve this. does that mean im close?

  10. LOL. As I said everything written in the text is some kind of direction, including it. The answers are in scattered random posts. They make no sense to the rest of the original post.

  11. im being accused of cheating in this event aparently, i decided to participate for first time in a forum event and thats what i get, a scold

  12. sigh palutena the password is the easiest to find of all.. :d

    i got only the first part of the username, yet even though with a few guesses for the rest.. not a chance :(

    edit: um, and second. ;d im stupid
    Edited: December 23, 2019

  13. Got the password, got the e-mail. I'm way too stupid to figure out the username.

  14. Nice puzzle! :D

    Got very much confused, found the pass and the third, i think.

    Gonna have meself a break, can almost hear the brain crunching.

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