1. I already made a rant about that part. I never said the loot wasn't broken. I just said the event was pretty cool. :)

  2. does everyone get gifts from warmane december 31?

  3. Can you read before Replying ?

    We are talking about how unballanced the loot is,
    Some people get crap or the same loot they allrdy have

    While other get the top 3 rarest Mounts in the Game....
    you got bad RNG, tough luck... the whole game is about RNG. good luck on your other alts.

  4. I have a problem .. Im deleted Derrek Glasses and now i cant see quest Help the mellow up. is there any way for take this glasses ?
    You can almost always pick up quests again you can abandon and retake quest and get Derrek Glasses

  5. Can someone help where to finish C.O.C.K den...I have killed El Pollo but don't know where to finish the quest?

  6. You can give us for New year to buy items on store for points normal items not hc that would be nice.... All the best for the new year!!!!!

  7. Maybe just try to enjoy the game as it is? If you're too addicted to your online avatar, and (or) too entitled to let yourself do so...Blizzard has some great advice for you.

    "Remember to take all things in moderation (even World of Warcraft!)"

    "Bring your friends to Azeroth, but don't forget to go outside Azeroth with them as well."

  8. I was just wandering that during newyear or christmas event if we donate some coin we can get extra reward rather that 1 bonus coin of donating 10$

  9. I have almost 10 years since iím here , i never expected anything because in the end u can be disappointed.2 weeks ago i won on lottery the Black Qiraji Battle Tank on Outland , even if the realm is kinda dead and i donít play , atleast i know i got something after this years.

  10. Honestly loot wasn't fair, I got 3 blue items, which included some robot as pet, and picnic basket and smth else, so yeh..

  11. People being ungrateful is the true reason why the loot "wasn't fair" or "unbalanced". It's christmas / new years eve time and all you people do is complaining about this and that. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, the game's always been about RNG, so why would that change with this custom event?

  12. All the PvP enthusiasts will want to roam Azeroth and attempt to find the chests aptly named 'Chest of Virginity'. Do note that the name has no relevance to any real world situations. At least, we hope so. Those that take the mission to defeat evil cluckin' lord will find themselves roaming all around Azeroth, sometimes with difficulty to understand what's real. Perhaps, the chicken isn't the last foe you shall meet.
    This means there are chests hidden in Azeroth? So we must run with our mounts and search them? Are them limited?

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