1. Holiday season 2019 event schedule

    Greetings Warmane community,

    Here's the Holiday event schedule for this year. We would like to wish everyone happy upcoming holidays and starting this week we begin the holiday season here on Warmane. We will be hosting scheduled in-game events almost everyday throughout the holiday season. A high variety of events across all realms will make sure to keep you entertained. See you in-game!


    Brief description of events

    Spoiler: Show

    Be a dart and hit the target with your body by removing Slow fall buff from high altitude!

    Use your feet and a vehicle to go faster than the others, avoid traps and slow your opponents for victory!

    Healing per second challenge!

    Damage per second challenge!

    Invis Maze
    A maze puzzle, select the right teleport and map out your path to find the correct way to the finish!

    Maze run
    Run through a labyrinth and be the first one to reach the finish.

    1v1/3v3 Tournament
    You know your class? Prove it and win the 1v1/3v3 Tournament.

    Most of the events will be described in announcements prior to the event starting!

    As always, all times are GMT/UTC and match our current time that is shown on the website. Keep in mind that the times listed are subject to change so please check this schedule for your wanted events regularly. Also, we appreciate all feedback for the events as long as it's constructive. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them here. We read them all.


  2. All today's events will happen tomorrow starting from 3 pm.

  3. All winners from the forum events have been chosen and contacted via private message by me. Forum titles have been added. Once I get a reply from the PMs, the in-game rewards will be given. Thanks for participating,! :)

  4. Legendary Weaponsmith has finished?

  5. Can I ask who won the Legendary Weaponsmith event?

  6. That would be very sad...

  7. Just let them work, its xmas, they probably want to be with their families instead of with us, a bunch of freaks

  8. All winners will be announced, let me just contact them all. :)

  9. Detective winners were in order of replying correctly: Ivetox7, Sprotess, insanly and comlogo!

    We had six people voting (the amount of Moderators). So every vote counted a lot. A few won because of a single vote of difference. Everyone voted alone instead of consulting each other. We felt it would be more fair.

    Legendary Weaponsmith winner is BeHumble with 2 votes.
    Cyryl, war117, bglsto and Lotrorien got 1 vote each.

    Seasoned Explorer winners are bosanov and Yunix with 2 votes each
    Lariena and Nurimoff got 1 vote each

    Co-op multiplayer winners are Algy (with kevinyt) and Reziztant16 (with Crutiuss) with 3 votes each.

    Titles have already been delivered. In-game Coins shall be delivered soon. Just waiting on one of the winners to reply.

    Thanks again to everyone who participated. If you didn't win, there will be another chance on the next events. Don't give up and better luck next time :)

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