I'm not sure what updates were applied, but many (all?) of us are experience all sorts of new bugs. Especially in instances, some of them becoming incredibly hard depending on your group composition. I ran a halls of stone the other day, no brann bronzebeard (if he died, he never ever respawned). I ran a halls of stone, and every single one of the warriors activated in the hallway. Now, I may be wrong on this but I don't recall retail ever having it possible to activate every warrior/statue and rather a couple from each for 4 in total as you move through and proc triggers. I have also noticed increases and decreases in incoming damage as a tank in some dungeons like pit of saron. Is this just because of the christmas events? Maybe a christmas database? It's getting defeating finding all these bugs so you can't just enjoy some random heroics.

I'd like to make it clear i'm not trying to report bugs here, but asking about what has changed, why it was changed, and can we expect a return to "normal" (the old bugs we were used to)? Also as a tech savvy user I do enjoy reading dev/change logs. However, I notice that these aren't often posted even though changes have clearly been made.