1. Greetings From Romania

    Hello Name Emilor
    28 years old
    gamer, since I was 5, played wow since it came out will be playing on MoP And Lorderon but mostly MoP since I love that expansion and monks.

  2. Salut!

    Welcome to warmane and enjoy your time here, seen a few romanian guilds around I'm sure you'll find your place here as we all found it.

  3. Hello My name is Quincy aka Oreo, Blind Dragon. I have lost my vision a couple of years ago. Looking for a couple of players to run some daily Quest and raids. I play on Frostwolf I am LV 90 Balance and Restro trying to learn how to play the game with no vision. I do have some addons to get but a lot of my play would have to be done with voice of what ever you like to talk with. if you have any ?'s for me PleasE ask.
    you can look up my toon on armory Blindstaff if you would like to see me. I would play buy following you and just help kill stuff and raids I would have to start with something small tell I get the hang of the game with no vision. so if you would like to have some help and like to play I would like to get a hold of a small group to play with and make some new friends. I have played on war mane back when it was called Molten WOW. I started playing here ban in Jan 2011 and WarMane is my WOW home... Let me help you and your group and be a part of your WOW friends.....
    I am from USA Texas
    I don't know of much apps that work good with Windows 10 OS that we can talk with. besides Skype that is what I have used for a long time with me on older systems.
    I am using a Asus G752VL I7 6700H 4 core CPU 20 Gb ram GTX965 3 Gb Video Ram so addons and playing WOW is no problem for my Beast of a laptop.
    When I had site and 90% of my game play would be here. I do have a good 3+ hrs a day to play around you can also reach me on Skype with the same user name mightyq29 on skype, Google, and yahoo.
    Edited: January 14, 2020

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