1. New to outland

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to this server and was wondering if you could share some tips :)

    Thinking about rolling alliance but i'm reading this side is kinda dead?

  2. Depends on what you mean as dead really. There were 50-60 people online on Saturday afternoon on alliance side but most evenings there's more like 30-40 (on at the same time so presumably quite a few more over the course of the evening). We run some instances and are doing Gruul on Wednesday. It's quiet certainly but there are enough people who want to do end game content that it could work. I've only started on the server a week or two ago and I'm confident I will be able to hear through Heroics, Kara and beyond.

    That said there's a handful of players come on each day to say they'd like to have played but it's a dead server. If they have in patience to hang around a week or two they'd probably get the raids there looking for.. There's still interest but not dedication, which is fair enough.

    PS. I found the horde fine while levelling and it had been a concern as we are heavily outnumbered. I assume there are a lot more progression guilds on horde side, the AH I'd the main pain alliance side really as its hard to get anything!

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