1. Why did the developers do this and remove blizzlike content?

    Nevermelting Ice Crystal:
    Active use hidden benefits:
    Can be used then un-equiped during pre-pull timers to have the 920 critical hit buff for the first 20 seconds of pulling a boss

    Blizzards original content: You could keep the active effect after unequiping this item

    Warmane original content: Originally blizzlike for the last 3+ years

    Warmane recent patch ending xmas event: Removed the active effect after unequiping this trinket.

    My question: Why remove this active effect and make min/maxing more difficult? This isn't even a blizzlike change and is a terrible change as this trinket is the only trinket in the game that has a pre-use effect that every class can use when raiding. This hurts raiding on Lordaeron especially but this also hurts anyone really good at WOTLK content and knows how to abuse this trinket.

    My request: Please return the original blizzlike effect

  2. It sounds more like an exploit that was fixed. But if you can find proof that it really worked on retail, you can try making a report on bugtracker: https://www.warmane.com/bugtracker

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