1. Is this true?

    I have heard that there will be a change where Lordareon will be brought back to how it was in 2015 and we will start from lvl 60 and up again,like with the cap incresing? Is this true or just a dumb rumor someone started up?

  2. Rumour. It's not true and no such thing has ever been announced.

  3. I wish! that would be the best news in the private server community since the 1st announcement of Lordaeron. ^^

  4. If Lordaeron had a 10k population, then I would believe this is possible.

    For the population it has, a new start would kill the server, therefore, one can assume there will be no fresh start anytime soon.

  5. Your best bet would be a new Icecrown-like realm, but so far it's all just talks and rumours.

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