1. Improving DPS in raids - FDK

    What's up wichyall?

    I have good gear but I'm nowhere near on the DPS meter on 25-man raids where I should be, I'm usually like on 8th-10th place in DPS compared to other raid DPSes which have even lower GS than me, anyone got some advice?

    My rotation is IT -> Blood Tap -> Unbreakable Armor -> PS -> Pesti -> BS and then either Obliberate or Frost Strike, depends on the Cooldowns and Runes. I also do Howling Blast sometimes when my ''Killing Machine'' proc is up

    My DK:

  2. Use HB only with Rime procs, it's mostly better to use FS on KM procs if it's single target.
    Other than that, the guide by Gnimo: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=349828
    It's so detailed and full of information, once you read it and understand it you'll do way better.

    Right away your rotation is not the best. Using UA before PS and Pest wastes some of it on GCD before you can do OB or FS. You should always open with IT PS, every single time a fight starts. He has a detailed section titled "ROTATION", it'll explain everything.

  3. Assuming that is the opener you're using, it is not good. To avoid bias and redundant discussions, go to Gnimo's guide and read through the different input people have provided over the years on what they deem to be optimal as an opener/rotation/priority system.

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