1. Level 10 twinks unite!

    Hello peeps. Link your armory!

  2. Twinks lvl 10? Do they even exist? What is their purpose?

  3. 10 twinks are the result of The Burning Crusade after the change to secondary stats from a flat % based system to "ratings" which are used in wotlk.

    Arena Grand Master trinket gave dodge rating instead of stamina and the lower your level, the higher the % dodge chance could be gained with a flat amount of rating, the exception was levels 1-10 which scaled the same.

    So basically a level 10 would be able to exceed 100% dodge chance through two AGM trinkets and some agility enchants while still being able to queue for bgs.

    They don't really shine in vanilla or wotlk, as dodge was nerfed hard and characters below level 35 scaled the same.


  4. Saw a level 10 paladin twink top the healing charts in WSG with other twink healers present. Was impressed.

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