1. Every game has some form of unfortunate aspect that may impact gameplay to some level of degree. However, this is a staple for a fair amount of MMO's such as Rift. As ElderKnight correctly pointed out, the world is not limited to a small scope which does mean you -as a player- have the means to alternate to another zone. Stating that WoW died due to the actions of a marginal amount of players at any one time, is incorrect. World of Warcraft (As a retail player for a VERY significant time) is still perfectly alive albeit slightly less populated but this is not down to the playerbase but rather the choices of ActiBlizzard.

    I understand you might feel strongly as your experiences may be shaped by yourself experiencing this type of player action first-hand but it's important to balance personal opinion and misinformation appropriately.

    If you are feeling stressed or exasperated with how your gameplay is going, take a break. Extended gameplay during a stressed mindstate is not healthy.

    Edited: February 15, 2020

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