1. Release new TBC server on Warmane?

    Would you guys be so kind to release new TBC server (or at least consider it) since, there arent any out there that could compare to Outland, also classic is getting stale at this point and im psure loads and loads of people would hop right onto TBC server, i played outland all the way to the Sunwell and i really enjoyed TBC Warmane's Outland realm.

    Just wanted to share my 2 cents and psure majority of old Outland players feel this way as well.


  2. Even if they try, it takes too long. Staff is very slow and careless. They haven't even done anything for the server who has been dying for months.

  3. With the shutdown of Medivh and downfall of Outland, it's clear TBC fails to maintain players like Icecrown.

    This is not because of the Expansions themselves. The Infrastructure, Rates, and Inattention towards this Expansion is the problem.

    A new TBC server will likely end up dead like this one because wotlk seems to be of higher priority.

  4. Well, it did live through it's entire progress successfully, so I don't know what "fail" you people talking about... But yeah it died right after few top guilds cleared SWP. I quit it after the first KJ kill myself, even though I loved this server dearly. There was simply nothing else to do! Perhaps they could reset it? I'd play it again, if it went up again anew, but PLEASE remove the damn attunement quests...

  5. I just logged and saw 89 players Online that's actually sad, not sure how warmane is profiting form a server that is having population of a casual classic guild.

    Wellp, i hope they'll do something about it in the future. Logging on warmane page and seeing 900 players during peak hours makes me sad and all the effort i've put into my characters yikes

  6. There are far too many TBC servers currently active. I don't think people even want this expansion. It would be the same downfall.

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