1. Brick Game by Travelling from Dalaran

    (Critical bug report)

    Steps to recreate:
    1) Travel to Dalaran
    2) Take a flight point to Grizzly Hills
    3) Witness repetitive disconnects, then an eventual crash which corrupts your game.
    4) Character unstuck (Dalaran is my character's hearth location. lucky me), delete "Cache" and "Errors" folders (This is necessary because if you don't, you'll get the "Failed to stream archive data" or similar error on launch).
    5) Relog, try to leave Dalaran by any means. I attempted to teleport to Crystalsong Forest, same deal.

    At this point, I tried using the portals in Sunreaver (I'm horde). Disconnected after about 15 seconds. Relogged, disconnected after even shorter. Relogged again, disconnected almost instantly. I successfully teleported to Thunder Bluff, but my client now disconnects immediately upon entering the world, so now I have to unstuck again...right back into Dalaran.

    How on Earth can I leave Dalaran?

  2. Which character did this happen on? So far on the testing realm there are no random disconnects for taking the flight path from Dalaran, or just being there in general.
    EDIT: About the failed to stream archived data, yes that is happening to me too and doesnt seem to be server or client related (as i used the client for years without prior issues), its just random and decides to work one time and not another

  3. I got my character out of there my immediately taking a portal to Undercity after using the character unstuck. If there is a way for me to help debug this situation (recreate it for staff), let me know.

  4. I dont see anything in particular wrong with the character in Dalaran or on the described flight points. This seems to be client or pc related

  5. I was in a voice chat with another player who took the same steps I did - same problems, too.

    It's probably the panda client.
    Something to note - since the panda client I downloaded from here is very broken (addons keep crashing), I've replaced its plugins with the ones provided by Blizzard when panda was current. There's obviously a difference in the plugins warmane provides and the original plugins because addons now work. Could the difference be a factor?

  6. is it now ok to report bugs in the forum?
    a mod kept giving me infractions for the same thing
    even when i expressly said i wasnt reporting a bug

  7. just let them do their thing ,someones trying to help ,dont give them a hard time,we can use all the help we can get no trolls
    Edited: February 12, 2020 Reason: changes

  8. Im replying because its not really something we can help with on the Bugtracker, that is for the issues caused by the core or db. Client, addon or os issues such as this just get dismissed on the BugTracker

  9. I wasn't aware there was a bugtracker. I'll refrain from posting bugs on the forum, thanks for the heads up.

  10. is it now ok to report bugs in the forum?
    a mod kept giving me infractions for the same thing
    even when i expressly said i wasnt reporting a bug
    Despite him labeling it a "critical bug report," it didn't seem to be an actual bug on our side (evidenced by Nobuemon being unable to replicate it or so far find any issues), but something on his client, which is why it wasn't deleted when I saw it.

    Unlike you, who received an infraction for blatantly talking about a bug on a change log thread ("great work on the fixes BUT>>>the raid can no longer be finished as Flames of Azzinoth do not spawn"), with the cherry on top: "and no, im not using bug tracker. waste of time." Ironically, just like him calling this a bug report didn't make it one, you saying something isn't a bug report doesn't make it not be one.

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