1. TIL I really suck at leveling here

    Before leaving Warmane for a while and even now coming back to give leveling another try, I realized I really suck at it. I get too demotivated easily because I can't seem to figure out the right leveling path to take from beginning to end while also getting bored too easily with it. I would like to think I'm not the only one.

  2. Whenever I get bored, I just que RDF and skill up professions for some time, nice change of pace.

  3. Sorry you're the only one. Just follow some leveling guide or ask someone to boost you in dungeons...

  4. Takes me about 6 months to level up a character on icecrown.
    I feel your pain.

  5. 6 months to level up in icecrown 7x exp?? uninstall the game

  6. Dude if you not able to lvl on Ice :D you gotta go find a diferent game to play :D I mean Ice is like super fast version of normal WoW :D

  7. Takes me about 6 months to level up a character on icecrown.
    I feel your pain.
    6 Months? I doubt that even the worst or most unmotivated players would take that long, unless you're making a joke.

    Anyways, the very last time I leveled a character all the way to 80 was almost three years ago as Horde. I currently play Alliance. Maybe leveling is more fun as Horde and I could stick to a leveling route, I had more time on my hands back then, or my motivation wasn't so sour back then? I don't know.
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  8. Try reading the quest texts? RP in your own head? Level up when you are bored out of your mind while listening to whatever music you like? Imagine what are you gonna do with all the coins you are gonna get if you somehow nab a good char name and sell that char later on?

  9. If you want fast level up boost then find a friend or make another account where you have level 80 character. Use two accounts at the same time and do boost.
    It goes like this:

    1. You level normally to level 15 > go deadmines or something and level to like 20+
    2. When you get to level 26+ from quests/dungeon > go to scarlet monastery. It's really easy to get there from Stormwind portal.
    3. Level there till like 40/41/42/43 and then go to Searing gouge.
    4. In Searing gouge level from 40+ to 48.
    5. Then go to blackrock depths and take 1 dungeon pass and you shall be level 58 and possibly level 60 if you farm that room with enemies constantly spawning.
    6. Go to outland > finish some major quests until you get quest: ''weaking the rampants''. Then do Rampants/blood furnace and shattered halls. Doing all those dungeons for only 1 time gives you level 68-69.
    7. Go to northrend and do normal thing....

    This is written for the alliance but same **** applies for the horde. Just instead of deadmines go to ragefire chasm and heirlooms make this process a looooot faster.

  10. Yes 6 months, no joke.
    I just hate leveling and i rather stay afk in que for dungeon 1h then do quests.
    besides that i also rather play one of my lvl 80's.

    This is from my most recent leveled character.
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  11. Level 10 7/15/15
    Level 80 3/18/17

    ... Although I just leveled the toon to 10, then didn't play it for a bit.

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