Hello, im new to wow.
While out in the world lvling i saw a couple of, what do you call them? Multiboxers.
I went through forums and ive learned some things about them, most importantly, that they are powerful :D
Since i dont care about pve and i wanna kill some players, i want to start Multiboxing (I suck at 1v1 and idc boi)
I thought you can get banned but i found this post:

Quote: We've made our stance on multi-boxing pretty clear. Regularly complaining about it is not going to get us to take action against multi-boxers. In fact, it's more likely that we're going to take action against people who are disrespectful towards the staff because of the issue.

PS: I read on forums that it helps if u send some donation to warmane, how can i send one and how much should i send?
PS #2: Haters gonna hate :P