1. Premades kicking from rdf

    I ve met again premade tank healer and dps in rdf from same guild, that wait till about halfway of dung and then kick you out of dung without a reason. Not a single word spoken, casuall dungeon. When i was trying to know whats the problem i get no answer or someone is trying to act like nothing happened. I tried to get an answer but it appears there wasnt any reason, they just felt that i have to be kicked... My question is, is there any way to lead to ban these ******s, i mean how i can prove this kind of stuff? Screenshots but of what? They just randomly kick you out and then silence.
    I know sometimes there are ppl that are pulling or doing sth that makes other members of party angry or what, but i exactly know what i am doing and never had a single problem with other players. Well expect 2 times i ve met these premade ******s.
    Sorry english isnt my native language i hope you get the point.

  2. They may have kicked you for failing tactics, being low on damage or whatever, they might have an actual ok reason for it.
    I've kicked some players joining as like resto/holy spec for DPS role or tank spec for DPS role. If someone is disrupting the RDF is the useless players.

  3. Hello, szauman.

    It is to my understanding that being kicked from an RDF is not a bannable offense. Players may sometimes be unsavoury and I suggest you simply move on and do not dwell upon these situations too much. If you feel stressed or angry please take a break from the game and find something to do to wind down.

    Kind regards,

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