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    Auto loot delay, and low-quality floating text

    Currently playing WOTLK on Lordaeron, and I have a few issues:

    1. the floating damage text when I hit an enemy is lower quality and pixelated even though I have all my settings at ultra.

    2. for auto-looting a mob, I have to wait a second or two before looting it or the auto loot doesn't work

    3. my ping is super high (200ms), I live in California.

    4. my character portrait is super zoomed into the face. is this normal, or can I fix this with an addon of sorts?

    Is any of this fixable?

  2. 1 Week Ago  
    1. It's either an addon or game thing, back in 2010 they didn't know about high resolution textures or fonts.
    2. Second or two is a lot, I mostly have to wait for about as high as my ping is, so 50-90ms.
    3. You're both far away from the server and you might be playing in the peak times sometimes so the server is really struggling. You're in California, server is hosted in France, I forgot the exact city/town, but it's in France, pretty far away.
    4. idk, sounds new to me, probably an addon or you're just expecting retail like frames and it's old school here.

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