1. "Top 30% of total players that have Solo Queue rating higher than 1600

    Duelist title"

    it does not sound a good idea.

    It is true that on Blackrock Duelist is pretty common (for a mistake done during Core swap) but for icecrown/lordaeron players duelist is pretty rare (since it is top 3 of 2vs2).

    you might consider to change it with challenger or rival instead (I am talking about "Top 30% of total players that have Solo Queue rating higher than 1600" )

  2. Every second 2k exp player will be duelist now and w/e. what are these awards over 1.6k soloq is gonna be glad/duelist. please change this so icecrown doesnt get filled with titles that in the past were entitled to only really good players.

    if this gets implemented, every person will be running around with titles that are from now on useless, ty.

  3. I like the new ones much better than old ones, older ones we first gold told was dumb, as u would get those from regular BGs
    Just curious to how they will implement. Server wide or just each realm for the 30-10-1%s

  4. Really? duelist for 2k soloq? come on.. Rank1 2v2 = 2k soloq? what a joke...

    Just change it, it makes no sense.

  5. Warmane please do something about it, either change duelist from soloQ to challenger or justicar title OR change rank1 2v2 to gladiator or something.

  6. and when they back wich hours i mean?

  7. Okay so. I finished r1 but same rating with ( exyth ) .. Who will gonna get r1 tittle? How the rules work? Does we both take it or what?

  8. how much time it will take for restart servers ?

  9. What time you will put online server plizz telll me bcs i dont know what too do <3

  10. hmm the whole server has duelist,rival,challenger title now! Great job.

  11. hmm the whole server has duelist,rival,challenger title now! Great job.
    ye, true.

    Picking "duelist" title for top 30% of soloq have not been a good idea

    1. Because duelist was rare since it is for top 3 of 2vs2
    2. Because duelist also grant challenger and rival title/Achi

  12. Also, I did not get the reason to give separate rewards even for soloq.

    I understand when it comes for for 2s and 3s (since blackrock players dominate the ladder usually).
    But for Soloq you get as partner players from all the realm (so, if you are from icecrown/lordaeron you get Blackrock people as partner as well...)

  13. Gratz half of warmane top 3 2s title)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) U all professional now

  14. So, is any GM gonna react to this? Did you just **** up all value any title below Gladiator had? Or are u gonna fix that somehow now? People tryhard 2v2 to get 2600 Rating for Duelist, and you add it to every second Player that achieved 2k in Soloq. There is no point of pushing 2s now anymore. Also it made 3s useless, besides youre getting Gladiator.

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