1. Hello there,i just wanted to get some answers about my situation.So it is regarding the last arena season and the solo que ladder,as you know i finished as r1 warrior on icecrown with my character Zhongaxd and i was tied with Exyth for r1 icecrown.No where was specified what is the deciding factor in case 2 players had the same rating,only after the season end i got an answer by malaco saying that the one who had less amount of games will be getting merciless glad.I think thats unfair on many levels startng from my late given answer and considering (Shintas) situation last season where he complained and cryed alot on WIT2 discord and on forum and to you guys about getting disbanded and after all got the r1 Tittle + roosters + coins . yet Machine got same r1 + rooster + coins . So x2 r1 Tittles were gived just becouse shinta complained and got it.This never happened before so i want at least some justification done here,i had the same rating as the r1 player on soloq icecrown therefore i think i should get r1 aswell,please consider this because i think its unfair because we had the same rating.
    exyth had less wins than you thats simple. move on

  2. I mean at this point alot of people will soloq cause the rewards are nice. I don't get why people are complaining about it just go get the achievement yourself. I don't think rewards should be changed drastically, cause this will affect the pool of players queueing for soloq. And soloq is very active now because of the cool rewards. Queue at any time of the day you will get in within 2-5mins MAX. But this is ofcourse my humble opinion.
    Keep up the good work soloq was a great initiative!

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