1. Will be there one more flush before the season reset?
    no, it will not

  2. when exactly is the season going to end? pretty annoying that you sometimes add the time of the day to your post, but most likely you dont

  3. It would have been better if the end of the season was a Wednesday or Thursday, for the arena points, that it is my opinion.

  4. Personally I only need 100 arena points to buy a piece of stuff x)

  5. Tonight or sunday night season end?

  6. It's not fair that players get Battlemaster title easily just for playing soloq. People are giving their years to earn that title. What a joke!

  7. Its been 12h since 1st of march came we still in this boring old ssn, leggo warmane, give us a reset and lets all have a new fresh beggining

  8. It will end at the night, just like every other season in past. You can have your fresh beggining tomorrow.

  9. your account has been suspended for 4 days 22 hours due to MMR Dropping

    I had to drop mmr on a rele geared sp that got it's team deleted from your broken faction change. Nice cuck

  10. What do you mean? Even 7 years earlier Battlemaster was the title for top 0,3% of soloQ and ur complaining about it now?

  11. Top 30% Duelist? Are you joking? R1 in 2s is duelist atleast change for r1 in 2s title to some gladiator or something.

  12. So clever wow! 30% of all players above 1600 rating in SoloQ get Duelist title? So now legit titles have no meaning since every 2k exped player is walking with Duelist. /clap /clap

  13. P.S. Conqueror>Duelist nowadays as well, since only top 10% of 30% above 1600 is gonna get it. (As well just giving a quick comparison in 2s for Duelist each season requirement is ~2.6k rate, now people gonna have this title with ~2k-2.2k in SoloQ. Please Warmane, do something!!!

  14. Changing the whole SoloQ titles rewards just a few hours before the season ends, couldn't the staff announce that a while ago instead?
    The Arena Master title reward proved to be useless as soon as SoloQ released on Icecrown with 10+ players instantly achieving it with 2200 (SoloQ/5s) rating

  15. Nice, duelist for top30%. So legit every Player who ever reached 2k Soloq is now gonna have all Arenatitles besides Glad. GJ Warmane

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