1. Lagaran

    I know Dalaran has always been bad for dropping frames and lagging a bit but I have a GTX1660ti and a R7 2700. I am assuming that the game just isnt optimized for anything past 209 or so. But anyone else have this issue ?

  2. 10 years ago people had 30 fps in dalaran.
    Today people have 35 fps in dalaran.
    In 10 years people will have 35 fps in dalaran.
    Game is old, only some stuff is offloaded to other threads, most of it is done on one only. Graphics are fast enough, but CPUs will never be able to handle the dumb client.

  3. Game isn't optimized in that way, whenever you get too much players the FPS will drop down.
    I got a RTX 2060 And i can't get over 30 FPS in dalaran, Everywhere else its above 150 fps.

  4. It's an old game and mostly it's blizzard fault that Dalaran has turned into Lagaran. Mostly because rdf was added and that had a huge impact on that.

  5. Nah its not optimized at all. You could play Cata on Ultra at high fps most of the time.
    Edited: February 25, 2020

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