1. I'am new and I play prot warrior | Need your opinion

    Hey, so I picked warrior (now lvl 48) and choose to play with prot talents tree. My goal was to start raiding, but I just find out that prot warr is bad in raids :(
    But my friends love PVP and I find out that prot warr is decent in PVP, if I am correct, and I like PVP too.

    So my question is: is prot warr worth playing or he's just weak class in all ways? Or I should change my talent tree, btw I love shield slam and revenge. And I preff prot more than fury or arms.

    Ty for help :)

  2. If you are playing on Icecrown I think you will do fine tanking raids, since raids are not buffed there. True, considering raid tanking he is the weakest tank, but still its doable.

    About PVP, prot warrior is decent, the only con is that you need full PVE gear for PVP, so gearing usually takes more time than gearing other classes.

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