1. Gold Guide Warmane - Icecrown (Explanatory)

    So, first of all, I've seen many people asking questions all over again how can they farm some gold in beginner levels, mid and even 80ts. I shall not talk about the gearing up storyline now, since this will be exclusively a guide for farming the gold on 3.3.5 in general (Wrath of the Lich King expansion).

    Please note that all these spots for the gold you need later on does not mean that it may give you an desired number of gold per hour or whatever, its all about faster clear, aoe spells, the thing is you need to be constant and follow the routes, even though still you can make plenty of gold, right? :)

    Although, this may be only the guide about spots and my personal opinion how can you etc... So, shall we begin? (Please just understand that the desired gold number you wish to have requires the time for that, be patient and you'll learn a lot, Icecrown is a huge joke especially in gold).

    1. Gathering professions -

    First of all, I'd like to say that skinning, mining and herbalism are truly great if you want to make some gold for the very start if you don't have an lvl 80 character yet, fresh start, fresh game. You pick for example mining + herbalism or, skinning + mining. Whatever, it's still awesome. You'd only need a mining pick and a skinning knife, that would be all. The best addon for these would be gatherer or the ones you prefer. You can find the addons for this kind of a stuff here on warmane official website, you can still check it out or look up for some other addons related to this. Keep in mind that you only can track one per time, so it is either mining nodes or herb nodes. If you're mining, it's already explained, you'd need the mining pick and if you're skinning, you'd need to get all the items from that mob in order to skin that creature.

    1 Skinning:

    In lower levels you can definitely make around 50 gold or even more than 100 gold by only skinning mobs and you eventually will get plenty of Light leather which sells atm for approximately 10-20g per full stack of 20x. I didn't check AH for a longer time, I suppose it's this way. You can skin all over the place, even your starting zones, you can skin all over Elwynn Forest and all over the Barrens right. So, it does not really matter that much at all. As your skinning goes on by the skill, you'll have some better leathers, like heavy and thick leather which sells ridiculously great. Something approx 25-50g a full stack. You can skin these in Dustwallow Marsh from humanoids, my personal advice is to skip Stranglethorn Vale while you're leveling yourself since STV is a Gankvale. After all, Dustwallow Marsh you'll encounter a lot less people that will interfere you while you're leveling there. Talking about the very next spots, talking about Knothide Leather/scraps you can farm these in Outland obviously, you can do it in Hellfire Peninsula, or the best way would be if you can enter the instance called Black Morrass, you'd need some pre-quests and it's located in Caverns of Time, Tanaris. You can get there from the portal from Dalaran to there, you take this dragonflight to the Caverns and you start questing yourself - you'd need to save Thrall bla bla bla etc... when you finish the questline, you can enter and play in normal mode and farm a lot of Knothide, you'd get like 1,000 gold + within 1 hour of a farm and even less probably if you're playing a pally or a dudu with great aoe like starfall and self heals/sustain. Talking about the borean leathers/heavy/arctic furs these all can be found by skinning, obviously furs got lower chance for the drop, but you may get them and these sell now surely for 180 gold + per one. Probably and more. You can still convert let's say 10 heavy borean leathers into 1 piece of arctic fur in Dalaran, you need to talk to this dude that sells materials etc... you'll see the exchange option. Borean you can farm mainly all over Northrend, but, the best way to do this is farming the entire Sholazar Basin around Savage Thicket where the mammoths are and you can even farm these snakes all over Sholazar animals.. or you can farm Borean inside of this instance in normal mode called 'The Occulus', 5 times max do it then 1 hour cooldown, you just do the first floor, jump down reset same again. Also there you can also find lots of Icy Dragonscale and therefore even by farming drakes in Sholazar nearby Savage Thicket and you can even farm Yetti's in Stormpeaks on the mountains or even mammoths there, so it's your personal choice.

    1 Herbalism:

    Herbalism is another great gathering profession, you can farm in lower levels plenty of silverleaves, peaceblooms, mageroyals, stranglekelps, goldthorn these all herbs are awesome, I'd say only stranglekelps, goldthorn probably sell great now, or idk. But, definitely herbs at skill of 350 I suppose such as Tigerlilly and Goldclover you can farm these in Grizzly Hills like a lot, follow the routes with your addon and make sure you're a druid, jk, you can farm on any char as well. Here you can get around 800 g + within an hour or probably more if you've got the mining as well. If you want to make some good gold with herbalism, as the starter of the game, you can start picking random stuff by tracking your herbs, Tirisfal or Barrens, Durotar there you go, you can make plenty of the gold already. I forgot to mention there's some good herbs in Swamp of Sorrows they're called Blindweed these were sold great I suppose and even others nearby the dark portal, you don't enter Hellfire Peninsula, but to Blasted Lands, you'll see many other herbs as well such as Sungrass or even Firebloom. You can farm some herbs such as Plaguebloom or Arthas's tears in Western Plaguelands and you got some in Eastern Plaguelands as well. These are all okay spots to grind. Let's not forget Stranglekelp, you may find them in Wetlands as Ally or nearby Ratchet, nearby ships, or as many areas with water definitely. Stranglekelps usually sell great I think even and now. Talking about the highest gold valued herbs are Lichbloom and Adder's Tongue, Adder's you may find in Sholazar Basin, but you really need to be aware of the opposite faction + you need to look around and fly constantly to manage to get some. About Lichbloom you have them in Stormpeaks or Icecrown definitely or even Icethorn, you may find a lot, but the competition is hella lot. Tip on this, you may do Ulduar inc, or pay to someone for the ID and just gather herbs, they pretty much respawn every 30 minutes there.

    3 Mining:

    Talking about mining gathering profession, you'd need the mining pick as we already previously talked about. The places I personally recommend is usually, if Ally, you'd need to be positioning around the mountains if in Elwynn forest or just see if you can get some within mines, even Deadmines is a great instance for this you can still reset and get plenty of gold or you can farm all the way for thin + copper and there's actually one silver node on the left side when you go, I mean, when you're about to enter the instance almost, before jumping down off the bridge. You can farm whole mines, pre-Deadmines inc. Same for the Horde, Barrens may be a perfect place as well, Coppers are sellable pretty much alright. You can farm later on and Thorium's they're also great, the best spot you can see in Ungor'o. Later on, I'd suggest farming everything, you can even farm Cobalt ores in Grizzly Hills, there is like plenty of them, you'd get 20 stacks within 1 hour or less. It's worth approx 1,000 gold. Sholazar for Saronites and Icecrown or Stormpeaks for Titaniums, altho you may find few Titaniums even in Sholazar. Don't hesitate fly all over the map, that node may be yours, why not!

    Other farming spots:

    1. Silithius - Northern part of Sil

    You may find lots of these elemental mobs that drop essence of air, essence of air sells good on AH, you can check it out. You can find many more items there as well.

    2. Sholazar Basin

    Mainly you can farm this thing called 'Chunk o mammoth' the word says it all, only mammoths may drop it. This thing is used in cooking and sells good as well.

    3. Outland, Blade's Edge Mountains

    You can farm Netherweave Cloths like really a lot there in 'BEM', Vekhaar's Stand from humanoids, aoe everything and you're done, you can even switch and you can even farm your mining there by getting other ores. AOE all w8 for the respawn, keep repeating. This spot gives prolly around 500 gold + within 1 hour of your time and you don't need to be fully geared for this since mobs are lvl 60 approx.

    4. Icecrown (The complete paradise for enchanters)

    So, basicly there are couple of spots here, but I usually find Corp'rethar the best one when you look at the map of Icecrown, you just go a bit north of that place.

    There is obviously a great AOE spots for many humanoids you can just aoe and they respawn pretty much fast, they most likely drop trash things, green items and lots of frostweave cloth, yes.

    The second spot may be in Adul'thar that chappel inside or whatever it may be, literally on North! Just move!

    The third viable spot definitely is at the left side of the map totally and there's an island called 'Onslaught Harbour' as you can see on the map, left side of the map of Icecrown!

    This spot provides you lots of greenies, trash, frostweave as well, rare items - blue items, sometimes. Occasionally you'll receive some damaged necklaces used in jewelcrafting for the quests.

    The fourth spot would be in Sholazar Basin, around the pillar, Lifeblood Pillar, here's an image. You literally kill all the mobs, get trash, get green stuff get occasionally frostweaves and some hpots or mpots as well, it may still drop some damaged necklaces right :)

    This can be enough for now, I think I've helped somehow! Thanks in advance! Leave some comments and rate the guide, I've been writing it on my own :D

  2. The guide is good, but in my opinion you should consider adding a graphical interpretation of those spots

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